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 Chinese Women in Love and Marriage

Let's bridge the gulf of misunderstandings & intolerance, cultivate cultural awareness & diversity

 through intercultural love and marriage, and lead to a better world in which to live!

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Scott Merry


Scott P. Merry graduated from California Maritime Academy in 1988, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nautical Industrial Technology and a US Coast Guard license as a merchant ship officer. After working in the shipping industry and living in the USA and Italy, he moved to the United Kingdom for a brief return to the academic world. In 1997 the City University Business School (now known as Cass Business School ) in London awarded him the Master of Science degree in Shipping, Trade & Finance. 1998 found Scott based in Hong Kong and working throughout China, consulting to international insurance companies, law firms, banks and nongovernmental organizations. Some years later he was drafted as marketing and development manager, and was the lone Westerner, at a successful startup e-business financed by Chinese and Japanese corporate partners based in countries all across Asia. Later, with his mixed ethnic Chinese partner, he set up a telecommunications corporation based first in Hong Kong and then moving on to Manila.
Scott first visited Hong Kong in 1985 and never forgot the energy of the city and its people. At that time it was just becoming possible for tourists to visit Shenzhen in Mainland China. Scott kept his eye on developments in China from then onwards, including study and research on business in East Asia while doing his MSc in London. He was very happy to move to Hong Kong immediately after the colony was transferred back to China, and quickly set to work there studying Mandarin Chinese, which was very useful in his work throughout the Mainland. 
Scott met Xiaoyan through the language school and they soon become good friends. Scott was pleased to see Xiaoyan had a wonderful cross-cultural relationship with Richard. Scott attended their wedding in Hong Kong along with friends and family from several cultures and backgrounds. Among the very international surrounding many enjoyable conversations were held with this diverse group, comparing Western and Chinese cultures and discussing the effects on its people of the economic, political, social and personal life changes happening in China.
Although both Scott and Xiaoyan eventually left Hong Kong for different destinations a few years ago, their friendship and interest in different cultures keeps them in contact. As Asian Promise grew, Scott has continued to offer his advice from the perspective of a Western man. The ongoing discussions resulted finally in contributions to Xiaoyan’s book "Chinese Women in Love and Marriage".
Working and living around the world, Scott had the opportunity to spend time with both Western and Asian people from various countries. Scott, now working in Naples, Italy, misses his Mandarin Chinese lessons terribly. He is pleased to continue talking with Xiaoyan (unfortunately in English) and is thankful for the Internet, which makes possible both the subject of the book, and the means by which to write it!
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