Chinese Women in Love and Marriage - Book Contents

 Chinese Women in Love and Marriage

Let's bridge the gulf of misunderstandings & intolerance, cultivate cultural awareness & diversity

 through intercultural love and marriage, and lead to a better world in which to live!

Book Contents


A Guide book to Happiness in Cross-Cultural Relationships




1. A Brief History of Chinese Marriage


- Men were dominant for thousands of years
- Marriage reform over the last decades


2. Chinese Women in Dating and Marriage


- The past: Victims of marriage
- Chinese women today
- How Chinese women differ from other Asian women?
- How Chinese women differ from Western women?
- Why choose Chinese ladies?
- Why Chinese ladies choose you?


3. Dating Chinese Women


- Your honesty wins her honesty
- Dating her online
- Wisely mastering your dating progress
- Sex


- Money

- Precautions


4. How to Communicate Well


- Sincerity and Honesty
- Openness
- Be aware of difference in background
- Reassurance
- Help her learn English
- Choose the right communication tools


5. Chinese Cultural tips


- General culture tips
- Food cultural tips


6. Getting Married - Paperwork


- Marry her in China
- Marry her in your country


7. Afterword


Some of the questions you all want answers to..


    What love, marriage and family values are held by Chinese women today?
    Do Chinese women find western men attractive? 
    Why do Chinese women choose Western men? Why choose Chinese women?
    How Chinese women differ from other Asian and Western women?
    Can love exist with different cultures and backgrounds?
    How to communicate well with someone from a different culture and background?
    How to find a Chinese bride through the Internet? 
    How do I write my profile? How do I write my first email to her?
    Will the relationship be built on personality, friendship and integrity, not money or others?
    How do I know her sincerity and her intention?
    How do I know she is my Miss/Ms right? What are the good questions for me to ask?
    How do I master my dating progress with her? Can I sleep with her after 1 or 2 dates?
    What is the right time for me to visit her in person if we meet online? Should I visit her first?
    Is it safe to travel to China? Can she visit me first?
    What does sex mean to Chinese women? Can I discuss sex with her? 
    How to improve our communication if her English is not so good! How can I help her English?
    Cultural Tips on dating Chinese women 
    Communication tips for long distance relationships
    Warning tips to protect you from being cheated
    How long does it take to get fiancé visa and how to process it? 
    What documents are required if I marry her in China?
    More questions? ... Please read the book. 
    Find all answers in "Chinese Women in Love and Marriage"!

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