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 Chinese Women in Love and Marriage

Let's bridge the gulf of misunderstandings & intolerance, cultivate cultural awareness & diversity

 through intercultural love and marriage, and lead to a better world in which to live!

 The Book Author

Dawn Xiao Yan Li


Dawn Xiaoyan Li graduated with a medical degree from Beijing Medical University , China in 1983. She emigrated to New Zealand in 1991. In early 1997, Dawn Xiaoyan left New Zealand for Hong Kong to work in an international medical publisher as a senior editor. In 1999, Dawn Xiaoyan left the publisher and set up Asian Promise with her British husband Richard Kaser. Dawn and her family is now living in Melbourne Australia since 2007. 
Asian Promise is a dating website that helps Western men and Chinese ladies to meet for love and marriage. Since its launch, it has served thousands of members and has helped hundreds of people find love and marriage. From the first day of Asian Promise till now, Dawn Xiaoyan has focused all her attention on it. She has counselled many Chinese ladies and Western men on personal matters of love and relationships on a daily basis through emails and telephone calls, and annual workshops in China. In her annual workshops in China, she teaches her customers to find true love and introduces Western thoughts about love and marriage to them.
In 2004, Dawn Xiaoyan put her invaluable experience from Asian Promise and her own cross cultural relationships into a book for Chinese readers. It was published in Hong Kong entitled "Connecting You to Love" (in traditional characters) by "Cosmos Books HK" in May 2005 and in mainland China entitled "Finding True Love Online" (in simplified characters) by "China Youth Press" in January 2006. The book helps Chinese reform/improve the old traditions through innovation of Internet dating, as well as helping Chinese correctly understand the Western attitudes on love and marriage.
In late 2005, Dawn Xiaoyan completed her second book "Love is a Choice - Modern Marriage & Lasting Love" for Chinese readers. The book helps Chinese to achieve a happy marriage through a modern approach. It has been published as an e-book by Asian Promise in 2006 and as a printed copy by "Chinese Women Publisher" in 2007. Some of the contents have been published periodically in "Marriage and Family", a famous Chinese magazine in China and owned by the All-China Women's Federation. In the mean time, Dawn Xiaoyan has become a regular column writer for "Marriage and Family".
Dawn Xiaoyan believes love is not constrained by national boarders, but love needs understanding. Building the love bridge between the East and West has always been the goal of Dawn Xiaoyan's work. She also aims to use her unique perspective to help Westerners to understand Chinese women and their love. In her third book "Chinese Women in Love and Marriage" Dawn Xiaoyan has used lots of true stories to illustrate her views and guides for Western men, who want to achieve successful cross-cultural relationships with Chinese ladies. "Chinese Women in Love and Marriage" will be a practical guide for Western men, as well as a useful reference book for Chinese study.
Dawn Xiaoyan has been included in "Great Chinese People Overseas Series (New Zealand Volume)", published by Global Chinese Press, in 2006. This book consists of stories from two hundred outstanding Chinese migrants and has received great attention from both New Zealand and Chinese governments.
In her spare time, Dawn Xiaoyan likes reading, writing and chatting with people. However the most enjoyable things for Dawn are spending time with her family and Scottish Country Dancing!
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