Chinese Women in Love and Marriage - A Guide book to Happiness in Cross-Cultural Relationships

 Chinese Women in Love and Marriage

Let's bridge the gulf of misunderstandings & intolerance, cultivate cultural awareness & diversity

 through intercultural love and marriage, and lead to a better world in which to live!

A Guide book to Happiness in Cross-Cultural Relationships


"Chinese Women in Love and Marriage" provides a unique insight to Chinese women today. Lots of true stories and testimonials have been used to demonstrate the author's views and suggestions.



"...a number of well-educated women in Beijing were generally convinced by Dawn's portrayal of their fair sex. One affluent Chinese said she was uncomfortable being asked to read Dawn’s book, but after delving through the chapters, was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the author's words." - City Weekend, the largest privately owned English language magazine in China


"Dawn's book answers all the questions for anyone serious about a lasting relationship with a Chinese woman. How can you find out answers to questions about culture, etiquette, etc. if you haven't lived there among the people?" - Allen Van Halle from England


"I made many of the mistakes that a typical Western male will make on his first voyage looking for someone from China. Wish I had read this book before I began my search. The stories from author's life and her work are very insightful and helpful. " - Peter T. Phelps from USA


The statistics have shown that there are more and more cross-cultural relationships emerging as the world becomes increasingly international. "Chinese Women in Love and Marriage" is a production of the new era. It guides Western men to date Chinese ladies for love and marriage. It helps Westerners to achieve happy cross-cultural relationships with Chinese women. 
The book is written by a cross-cultural relationship expert with a unique perspective on relationships between Western men and Chinese women, built on her own life experience and from 6 years of running the dating website Asian Promise. Lots of true stories have been used to demonstrate the author’s views and suggestions in the book.
The book begins by briefly looking at the historical background of marriage in China to gain perspective on Chinese thoughts and philosophy of marriage today. It then focuses on Chinese women, their experiences and expectations of marriage in the past and present and the differences compared to the rest of Asia and the West. Chapter 3 then gets to the meat of the questions that Westerners all have. It provides a comprehensive guide on dating Chinese ladies with a special section on online dating - a popular method for cross-cultural dating today. The book covers very practical issues such as how to start your search, what to write, when to visit, how to avoid being cheated and more sensitive subjects such as sex and money.
Chapter 4 looks at the universally important subject of communication, but which is even more important here due to the cultural and differences. The author highlights many possible areas of conflict and misunderstanding and explains the cultural background from which these might arise. The key message is that differences are not necessarily bad, but that good communication skill is the key to success. The remaining chapters provide very practical and relevant cultural tips and advice on how to go about getting married whether in China or in the West.
The book has given an insight into Chinese women and helps Westerners to understand Chinese women comprehensively. Until now, what information can be gleaned about Chinese ladies today is still scarce, shallow and even biased. Therefore, besides its practical value, "Chinese Women in Love and Marriage" is also a useful reference book for Chinese study.

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